Quiccs × Task One’s Resin Art Multiple based on the “SpikiTEQ” Custom!

Debuted at last year's Spiki Attacks NYCC exhibition hosted by Martian Toys, Philippines-based artist Quiccs customized the 4-inch tall “Spiki” figure into a resculpted rendition of that artist's own “TEQ63” design… Released at that time in three one-off versions — “OG SpikiTEQ” (black), “Segavirus” (blue), and “KID 09K” (yellow) — it now seems that the artist has partnered with Task One to have a 50 piece limited resin version made. Possibly intended for release through Task One’s WeAreNotToys brand, though more likely through Martian Toys, we can't wait for more details on this release to surface!

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