Q Pop Announces 'Konatsu Art & Figure Exhibition' at Q2 Gallery!!!

Q Pop shop and Q2 Gallery announce our second Konatsu Exhibition in Los Angeles. This exhibition will feature Konatsu's new traditional artwork, and her custom hand painted Negora figures. In addition, over 40 guest artists will contribute their own custom-painted Negora. The opening night event is on Friday, April 1 2016 from 7 pm -10 pm. Konatsu will be in attendance from Japan, and she will be live painting at the opening event! Then, on Saturday April 2, Konatsu will host a signing from 2 pm - 5 pm.

Artists participating: 64 Colors, Alina Chau, Angela An, Aron Shay, Candie Bolton, Catherine Ho, Chris Mitchell, Chris Squink, DAN, Devilrobots, Emily Warren, Evon Freeman, Grace Kim, Jane Schneider, StickUp Monster, Jeff Ranjo, Jeremiah Ketner, KAIJIN, Kakeruri, Keika Miyata, Keiko Murayama, KORATERS, Lissa Treiman, Magen Mitchell, Mai Nagamoto, Mark Taihei, Messy Pink, Mizna Wada, Monster Factory, Noriya Takeyama, Paul Kaiju, Paul Shih, Philip Light, P.P.Puding, Stephanie Ramirez, Sunguts, Sylvia Liu, T9G, Tara Billinger, TOUMA, UAMOU, Victoria Ying, Zach Bellisimo, and Zoe Moss! All custom figures and original paintings for this show will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis only (tickets will be given out from 5 pm-7 pm in store on the opening night). Any paintings or figures still available after opening night reception will be put online for the general public the following day. In addition, they will be releasing the show exclusive figures, the "Q-tie Pop" (exhibition color) Negora & Migora set ($48), and Daioh Negora vs Cosimcat (Konatsu x PP Pudding) set ($165). They are both limited! We'll also have our show exclusive Qpop/Konatsu Negora T-shirt ($28).

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