"O.G.R.E.S"... an new resin mini-figure line from Credenda Studios!!!

Credenda Studios is pleased to release the first line of mini figures in what they are calling "O.G.R.E.S", which stands for Obnoxious. Ghouls. Ruining. Everything. The first three to be released are Leroy, Gunther, and Hugo. Think of them as the three stooges. They’re always planning these brilliant schemes but they never can follow through. The O.G.R.E.s will go on sale HERE this Friday, March 25th at 12Noon PST at Credenda Studios. Each O.G.R.E runs $10 each... but you can also buy three mini figures and obtain the entire first run guaranteed. Each mini figure clocks in at 2” tall and comes sealed in a clear bag with a signed and numbered header card. This first run is cast in a transparent purple resin with garnet glitter mixed throughout it. Some mini figures will even have streaks of white through them making each O.G.R.E. unique! To sweeten the deal even more, the first 6 orders will receive a custom drawing of an O.G.R.E. So act fast!

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