Huck Gee's "Lapin Noir - Le Sabre" Custom THE BLANK micro-run!!!

"Many leagues from Grey Wolf's Creek, over the thundering front where the giant, shambling tin cans clash, lies the Untz occupied burrows of Grass Valley. And it is here, beneath a nondescript bar, behind a secret staircase, and only spoken about in careful whispers, that lies the headquarters of Lapin Noir: the people's resistance. This covert group comprised of saboteurs, informants, news runners and shadow smugglers protect the occupied locals and sow confusion from behind enemy lines."

"Of the many heroic members of the resistance, Le Sabre is considered one of the most notorious amongst the enemy. Silent with his blades, he is a stealthy infiltrator and backdoor perpetrator, who is well versed in destroying supplies, stealing classified documents, and wrecking havoc amongst the enemy occupiers. He is considered a giant pain in the ass by many an Untz commander and this notoriety has left his name sitting constantly atop the Untz' bounty list."

"In his free time, Le Sabre has a passion for good whiskey, card games and beautiful women."

We have been following the progress of this figure for some time now via Huck Gee's social media feeds, and now... "Le Sabre" revealed and available! He stands 9.5" tall, give or take, and just like the majority of Huck's releases... these are limited to only 10 pieces! Each comes signed and numbered and will set you back $850... and they all come with tons of custom made accessories, clothing, weapons... this art figure is stacked, and looks quite fantastic... a great use for Huck's THE BLANK figure... Anyone interested in adding this sword wielding member of the resistance to your collection please email sales@huckgee.com ASAP!!!

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