Han Ning’s “Space Boy” has travelled from the beyond the stars… just for you!

It's always flattering when a long time reader of SpankyStokes is inspired by our writing to create their own designer toy, specifically hoping that said original creation will be featured on our site, and that's exactly what happened with Chinese artist Han Ning and his debut resin work, “Space Boy.” Reminiscent of a modern animation aesthetic, this character would fit perfectly into the world of Adventure Time or Bravest Warriors, though this creation — and his accompanying space dog companion and rocket ship decoration — have no direct basis on any single specific pop culture work. Standing about 5½-inches tall, “Space Boy” is available in three color versions, each limited to 100 pieces: Gray, White, and Silver. Each resin part has been handmade in Canada and finished with Japanese paints, with the pre-order currently happening on Ning's online shop for $107 apiece. For those unable to use the shop, you can also send an email to liyan0564_rao [at] sina [dot] com and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you. With a full release anticipated by the end 2016's second quarter, we foresee a great future for this up-and-coming art toy creator!

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