Emilio Garcia × JPS Gallery’s Star Wars inspired “Brain2D2 Brainade” Release!

Emilio Garcia brings his brainfold centric art to a galaxy far, far away… As we'd previously teased, Garcia has partnered with Hong Kong's JPS Gallery to present this special edition of the 3½-inch tall “Brainade,” each decorated with patterning at the top reminiscent of everyone's favorite droid from Star Wars, R2-D2. Titled the “Brain2D2” edition, these handmade pieces by Garcia are cast in UV protected, crystal clear resin and have been painted with a frosted effect, allowing only the very bottom to be fully transparent. Limited to 50 signed & numbered pieces, these will be available tonight (March 7th, 2016) at 6pm Pacific time from the JPS Gallery's online store for $370 apiece.

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