Custom "WADDLE" figures for StrangeCat Toys weekend show!

For the upcoming (launching TODAY) art show that StrangeCat Toys is hosting called "Art Toys In The Bay", there is a ton of amazing talent on display and up for grabs at BLOOM ART CENTER on March 18th and at MF ARTS YBOR on March 19th! This show not only features customs on a ton of rad platforms, but specifically focuses on the WADDLE figure... and above are 7 of 10 Waddles, including work from: The Bots, One-Eyed Girl, Nicky Davis, Gray Mako, RxSe7en, WuzOne, and Frank Montano. They will all be available first at our two day show this weekend, then - whatever doesn’t sell - will be on the StrangeCat Toys website HERE on Sunday at 12noon EST!!! Gotta love the interpretation of these pieces... so different, and so awesome all around!

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