Collect & Display x Mr Mitote - "Jaguar Alebrije" custom Kidrobot Dunny micro run!!!

This month, the folks over at 'Collect & Display' are featuring Mexican based artist Mr. Mitote... who has created a small run of custom Dunnys to be put up for grabs via the C&D site HERE on the 25th of March at 8pm (London Time)... so it will be a GOOD Friday!!! Featuring a 3" Dunny sculpt on top of a platform raised by an acrylic stick, this "Jaguar Alebrije" was created as a small series of masterfully sculpted custom vinyl figures! We love how whimsical this figure looks, not to mention the fierceness of the pose and facial expression... and that paint application, really unique and lends to the whole definition of what a "Alebrije" is: mystical carvings depicting animals, people, objects, and imaginary creatures painted with intense colors and intricate patterns. Although these distinctive cultural artifacts are often assumed to represent a long established, tradition of Mexican folk art, they only began to appear in the 1940s... and in this new Dunny release! Don't miss out.. hit the site HERE at the above time and date!

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