REVEALED: Otto Bjornik × Kidrobot’s “Shah Mat” Dunny Chess Set!

Captured in the crazed atmosphere of New York's Toy Fair, the below picture is our first proper reveal of Kidrobot’s production version of Philippines-based artist Otto Björnik’s “Shah Mat” chess set. Originally made as a custom piece by the phenomenal artist in 2011, the “Shah Mat++” chess set — at that point — consisted of 3-inch Dunnys for the royal pieces and Totem Doppelgangers for all the pawns. Sold as a blind box series, each “Shah Mat” box will include two Dunnys (one black or white pawn and one mystery royalty Dunny) as well as a piece of the interlocking plastic chessboard! Oh... and what's that... a GOLD variant?!?! We are not sure what this is, maybe a case exclusive... more soon, hopefully! With a total of 32 pieces needed to play, we understand that anyone buying a complete case — which actually includes two 8 blind box cases — is guaranteed a complete set of pieces. A seriously fantastic idea, this is scheduled for a Summer 2016 release — possibly even in July for San Diego Comic-Con…

Top photo source: Kotaku

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