Matt JOnes × Titan Merch’s “Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before” Mini Series Announced!

I would say “Where No Toy Has Gone Before,” but there have been quite a few releases based on Star Trek: The Original Series at this point. Designed by Matt JOnes, this latest range of Titan Merch released TITANS mini figures depicts classic characters from the television show, like the USS Enterprises’s crew — Chief engineer Montgomery Scott (aka Scotty), the Vulcan/Human hybrid First Officer Spock, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, chief medical officer Doctor Leonard McCoy (aka Bones), communications officer Nyota Uhura, ship's helmsmen Hikaru Sulu, the captain's personal yeoman Janice Rand, and head nurse Christine Chapel — along with some of those they met along the way — the green-skinned illusion given to Vina, the mangled man that was Captian Christopher Pike, the puppet disguise of Balok, a reptilian Gorn, a cerebral Talosian, and the genetically-engineered Human Augment named Khan Noonien Singh (or, simply, Khan). Titled the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” collection, the set will include the above-pictured 14 characters in the standard Titan blind boxed series, each standing 3-inches tall and expected to be released a little later this year.

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