Kidrobot teases Dolly Oblong "Dairobo-Z" production 5" Dunny!!!

Over in the Kidrobot forum, their 'Behind the Vinyl' subsection always gives us nice little tidbits of info and sneak peeks into what they have planned, and today, they revealed a doozie! Now, it might just look like box art at first glance, but what we are seeing is box art of the new 5" Dunny platform - first - the box on the left, the "Codename Unknown" Dunny by artist SekureD (we posted about HERE), but what is getting us really excited... the reveal of the Dunny box on the right... the "Dairobo-Z" design from UK designer Dolly Oblong!
We have seen her slay customs with this design for many years, and most recently, she created a fantastic version for the DTA-2 Clutter custom show... pictured above! We can't wait to see this new 5" format along with her design... oh, and look close at the box, and through the window, a rad little illustration of what we might get once produced!

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