Jason Freeny’s Hand-sculpted “Little Monster” pieces available now!

While made in an edition of 10, what you see pictured here isn't artist Jason Freeny’s most recent resin sculptural multiple… each one has been hand-sculpted by the artist out of epoxy clay! Measing 4½-inches tall, 6-inches long, and 3½-inches wide, this design is one that Freeny originally referred to as his "Frog Monster," which makes sense based on the large drips oozing from every curve and the elongated tongue the beast stretches forth, but the best element is the humorous manner in which the tongue connects to the internal backside right below the butthole! Still being completed — the final versions will be hand-painted with a green exterior and magenta interior — Freeny has put this up for pre-order HERE for the special price of $990 apiece, with shipping expected in mid-March.

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