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Huck Gee’s “Bugslot & Denguard #9 - The Winter Variant” pre-order announced!

Grey Wolf's Creek has a winter. A long, numb, wintery winter. The kind of winter that smarter critters would hibernate through. But for Bugslot and his teammates, rain, snow, sleet or shine, duty always calls. Get a fresh new coat of arctic white painted up on Denguard #9, fire up that diesel and get on out there. Denways need to be cleared, paths de-iced, and perimeters patrolled. On the plus side, you can't exactly complain about the the cold when you're riding atop a diesel engine and wedged into a sweltering tin can.
The previously released “Bugslot & Denguard #9” is a more lightly armored version of the bigger mobile pillbox battle units within artist Huck Gee’s fictional world, but that doesn't mean these roughly foot-tall mechs aren't some of the most impressive things you can add to your designer toy collection. Pictured in the new “Winter Variant” edition, this version will be available to preorder exclusively at www.HuckGee.com on February 11th, 2016 from 12:01am Pacific time until Midnight only. Cast in resin by Mana Studio, these beautifully hand-crafted figures will be individually signed and cost $475 apiece.

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