How would you like to be the newest hero in RESTORE’s NEO JAPAN universe?!?

World-class sculpted Junnosuke Abe, who is also the creative mastermind behind RESTORE, is offering an extremely unique prize to one lucky person: a copy of RESTORE’s “NEO JAPAN SFB” figure with a hand-sculpted head made to resemble you! That's right, you can be the new hero of the NEO JAPAN universe! To win, all you need to do is be amazing at hand-painting… RESTORE are offering four of their figures — the human-esque “NEO JAPAN SFB” & “IRON MEAT SFB” as well as the anthropomorphized animals, made in collaboration with Pop Soda, “JUNGLE FEVER (Fog)” & “JUNGLE FEVER (Darts)” — especially for this contest. The DIY blanks are available now from Pop Soda’s online store and will be up later today at Lulubell Toys’s online shop, costing $65 apiece (except for the $55 “NEO JAPAN SFB” figure). Once your figure is all painted up, you just need to submit the entry to RESTORE before July 10th, 2016 by following these STEPS.

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