"Galaxy Commanders" sofubi from SkullMark!!!

We first spotted these via LuluBell Toys booth at SDCC 2014 (posted HERE) Hong Kong-based Skullmark have been busy recreating the 1977 “Starroid Raiders” action figures from Tomland, altering the original 3¾-inch pieces into 9.5" tall soft Japanese vinyl production. The six figures, just like the smaller originals, have blocked out spaces on their chests for stickers revealing their innards... or, should we say gears! Very cool!!! These are up for grabs via Disburst... which mean you can probably find them in many designer toy shops worldwide in the very near future! Pick from: "Commander Cytron", "Commander Mach", "Commander Neutron", "Commander Nizard", "Commander Dagan", and "Commander Punkbat"... all of which will retail for $70 a pop! We love the nostalgic look of these, a true throwback to old school vinyl!

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