Clive Barker’s “Pinhead” from Hellraiser comes to Threezero!

I'm crying for two reasons right now… One, there is going to be a “Pinhead” (or the “Lead Cenobite”) figure derived from Clive Barker’s classic Hellraiser franchise, which brings tears of joy. Then, of course, I notice that it's going to be forever marred by having the title Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth emblazoned across it. Yes, that was the absolute worst entry into the series — well, that's probably not fair, but it was preceded by two amazingly strong films and became the turning moment when things went 'bad' in the series.

But this is neither here nor there… As we previously announced, fantastic high-end action figure producer Threezero will be producing this piece as part of their 1/6th scale Horror Movie Heritage line of 12-inch tall collectible figures. And if the above-pictured teaser is an actual snap of the figure's head, then we're in for a simply stunning release, connection to Hellraiser III notwithstanding.

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