The Amazing Zectron × Brandt Peters’s “Camazotz” from Unbox Available Now!

Standing over 10½-inches tall, it's finally here… "What is?" you might ask. The “Camazotz” figure that you've been waiting for, whether you knew it or not! As we previously announced, this designer toy upgrades the previously available 3-inch tall “Keshi Monster Skelve” rubber figure into this re-interpreted vinyl sculpture. Depicting the Skelve as a vampire bat, these were sculpted by The Amazing Zectron with design notes by Brandt Peters. This Death Bat is available in two debut colorways, both marbled: pink & violet “Pink Nightshade” edition and the purple & lilac “Blue Lilac.” Produced by Unbox Industries, these versions are available now for pre-order from the Unbox web shop for $85 apiece.

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