Scott Tolleson x 2BitHack - "Matt" the Star Labor Radar Technician bootleg action figure...revealed!

We posted up a nice teaser HERE of the Scott Tolleson and 2BitHack collaboration just yesterday... and would you look at that... the full reveal of the bootleg action figure based on the recent SNL 'Undercover Boss' skit that shows Adam Driver playing "Matt", the Starkiller Base Radar Technician, instead of his actual Kylo Ren character in the new Star Wars film. If the back card wasn't good enough... look at that figure... so awesome, and if you look close enough, is that the head of Han Solo?!?! Hmmmmmm... these will be $65 plus shipping, and the first run is limited to 30 pieces. Look for the drop to happen next week sometime... and we know one thing, these will not last long... seeing the amount of buzz they are creating via social networks!

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