It's Undead Super Robot Time… Abell Octovan’s “Deadzinger!”

Instead of the Hover Pilder vessel that resides upon the Great Mazinger’s head, this version has an exposed brain! Yes, Go Nagai's classic “Mazinger Z” (マジンガーZ) super robot is born completely anew as part of the “No Future” series, this skeletal rendition of “Mazinger Z” — known as “Deadzinger” — is merely the first in what we hope to be a skull-infused take on futuristic pop culture icons… Octovan, a while back, teased a complete series of similarly themed pieces, like takes on Judge Dredd and Voltron. Oh, we can't wait to see more! If you'd like to reserve your copy of the resin “Deadzinger” piece, please contact the artist directly at abell [at] myroyalego [dot] com to reserve a copy.

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