Is that… Amanda Visell × threeA’s resin “Bertie” figure?!?

Wonderfully stylized artist Amanda Visell created hand-poured and hand-painted resin versions of Ashley Wood’s “Bramble” and “Bertie” designs for last year's threeA- based exhibition, Japan Venture : With Smiles On Our Lips. For that exhibition, she only had one “Bertie” piece — “Playground Bertie” — which depicted the cylindrical robot adorned with doodles by a playful little girl that was standing upon the mech's shoulder. Depicting a similarly styled little girl character, we suspect these work-in-progress pictures are teasing a brand new “Bertie” design from Visell, complete with that stylized little girl acting as pilot in the WWR! Hopefully this won't be similarly sized to the previous version, standing about 9½ × 6½ × 3 in., as the associated $900 pricetag unfortunately takes it out of my wallet's happy zone — even if it is worth every pennt of it (which last year's one certainly was!).

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