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ThreeA announces… “Transformers: Generation 1” Figures!

If you're a fan of not only threeA but also the classic Transformers cartoons and toys, then it might’ve been heartbreaking to learn that the threeA officially licensed line was for the recent Michael Bay films… That is, until now, when they’ve announced their “Generation 1” collectible designer toy series! Generation 1 is the name given by fans to all the Transformers toys Hasbro produced from 1984 to 1991. Aside from the announcement that this is happening and will be released in 2016, there is no word as to which characters might be first produced or if they will have the ability to actually transform (as the original toys did). While I'm sure Optimus Prime or Megatron will be the first made available, I really hope that Soundwave — complete with transforming cassettes — will be offered shortly thereafter; he was always a favorite of mine and I won't be able to resist an immaculately remade 3A version of him!

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