Toy Art Gallery x SpankyStokes - Stroll "OG" sofubi online now!

Released at DesignerCon 2015, the very first of hopefully many, production colorways of the SpankyStokes 'Stroll' mascot cast in beautiful white sofubi is now online!!! Produced by Toy Art Gallery and 3D sculpted by Shinbone Creative, the "OG" classic colorway stands 9" tall, features 3 points of articulation along with sprays of gray paint with black brush details... and looks like he jumped right off the masthead of the SpankyStokes.com website! This grumpy cycloptic beast is up for grabs HERE right now and is retailing for $85 a pop! There is no word on how limited these are, but expect them to go fast... the first unpainted colorway sold out in seconds! All photos taken by Zach aka @beyond8bitz - and if you snag one up, be sure to use the hashtag #spankystroll so we can follow and share your photos as well!

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