InstincToy’s “Liquid” as a cat… “Curio” available by lottery now!

InstincToy’s “Baby inc” figure, depicting an oozing bodied and spiked headed bear, has become iconic in it's couple of year life… so much so that CEO AKASI from Medicom Toy asked them if they'd do a cat version. More than a year in the making, this new figure features tons of completely smart designs: the ability to stand with or without the tail for help, allowing for a greater range of display options, as well as the “Eroded LIQUID” glops that can be worn by “Curio” as gloves or placed within the cat’s gooey boots for greater body. The first colorway, the white “miaow” edition, is available by the manufacturer through lottery, and those interested should read the manufacturer's post with international ordering details (the post can be found here). The black “bon” version is simultaneously available by lottery through Medicom exclusively, with details being found here.

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