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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore × Splurrt's new Secretoy: “Cinema Monster (Fire & Ice)!”

The previously announced “Fire & Ice” version of the “Cinema Monster,” created by Splurrt's Joe Merrill for his Secretoy line and hand-painted for this edition by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s Rich Montanari, is being release tonight! Cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and painted in bright red and metallic blue, with gold, silver, and black details, this is a blind bagged release: either those lucky enough to buy one will get the blue head / red ball variant with gold chain or red head / blue ball variant with gun metal chain or, in one very special instance, the above pictured green variant with beard!!! Each Cinema Monster comes bagged with header card, 1 MVH pin, 2 MVH stickers, and 2 SECRETORY stickers, as well as coming with the severed head and spiked ball omake and an uncut, unpainted glow column (not pictured)! Available tonight (September 30th, 2015) at 5 pm Pacific time in the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore online shop for $250 apiece.

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