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Zectron X Ericnilla X Joe Whiteford - Painted resin 'Atomic Uchuujin' up for grabs!

Zectron has teamed up once again with Eric Nilla and Joe Whiteford for another cool release... and for you folks that are fans of the 'Atomic Uchuujin' figure... this is for you! Limited to 15 pieces, each figure is hand painted by Joe Whiteford with molding/casting by Eric Nilla and as always designed/sculpted by Zectron. Inspired by the famously banned episode of Ultraseven, each figure also comes with an authentic vintage toy watch from the old 1960's comic book ads that actually fires small missiles. Included with the figure is an old school 3D header card an a pair of 3D glasses for proper viewing, a 2.25" button of the watch face graphic comes with each figure as well and to top it all off Joe Whiteford himself did the art for a couple of evil Uchuujin valentine cards as well. The whole package is priced at only $55! Also up for grabs in the online store HERE is a run of keshi rubber Atomic Uchuujin figures for $18 each coming in metallic silver or metallic blue... and there are also a few thermal color changing versions.

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