"Rustic Summer" ninja plush from Shawnimals!!!

True, the original Summer Ninja is typically happy-go-lucky, bright, and all about ice cream and popsicles... but Summer is also a time to get in touch with nature and explore the outside world and your inner self. Unless, of course, it's way too humid for all of that new-agey stuff. That's why Shawn Smith over at Shawnimals is happy to announce his special "Rustic Summer" ninja plush!!! Standing 4"x4", these are releasing with super special ornamental nature bits, trusty ninja rope, and a super cute backpack or rucksack (more in the photos)... you can snag them up HERE right now for $15 each or $28 for both! Two peas in a ninja-appropriate pod, these pocket-sized followers of Sprout Ninja are kicking off a brand new series of seasonal Ninjatown releases... get ready!

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