Join the Adventure… Taylored Curiosities’s “Tales from Netherknowle!”

Born from the depths of Penny “Taylored Curiosities” Taylor’s imagination come the inhabitants of Netherknowle! Cast from original sculpts, there are four cluster types in Netherknowle and you can decide which club to join — Will you explore Nectaria with the Bumblesoos? Will you dive to the bottom of Pockrule with the Pockeldips? Maybe you'd prefer to see what's in Compostria and spend time with the Spriggledops? Or for you, it might be the Twigsickles in Podton, as long as you're not afraid of heights! The choice is yours and all four clusters are available now on Taylor’s “Tales from Netherknowle” Kickstarter campaign, from which you can get…
  • £2 gets you a sticker and badge set;
  • £5 gets you a notebook set;
  • £20 lets you choose which cluster to join: Spriggledop, Pockeldip, Bumblesoo or Twigsickle; and
  • £60 gets you the full adventuring kit, with a creature, a matching 'carrier' creature, hand-drawn map, laser cut compass, badge, sticker and blank postcard.
There's something to suit everyone's taste and price range, so there's really no excuse not to join the Netherknowle Adventuring Club now!

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