Heuicheon's "Wood-Cutting Wood" resin art multiple... is AWESOME!!!

Heuicheon... have you heard of him? Yeah... we haven't either, but we are keeping tabs on this South Korean's work now as he sent over an awesome email earlier today showing off his brand new resin art multiple that has us smiling... not only from how cool this new collectible is, but also the uniqueness of it... a breath of fresh air! Entitled "Wood-Cutting Wood"... for obvious reasons, this measures 80x120x100(mm) (3.14” x 4.7” x 3.9”) and features an awesome looking humanoid tree figure striking a pose, ready to chop into a much younger sapling! The hand-painted resin figure set comes packaged in an awesome custom foam cut out dox along with instructions on how to properly display the piece, as well as alternate accessories that you can choose to include or leave out... like the face that fits over the knot on the tree covering up the yellow bird! Limited to just 20 pieces, "Wood-Cutting Wood" is available for pre-order HERE right now for $320 a pop.

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