Charles Rodriguez’s Four Custom Dunnys coming from Collect & Display!

Venezuelan artist Charles Rodriguez, a.k.a. Gorgocho, stunned art toy enthusiasts with his first pieces in 2012, rapidly developing a style of carved vinyl with dioramic modeling. After spending eight hours every day working on the creative side of advertising, he then enjoys six hours of crafting handmade, one-off art toys before going to sleep to do it all over again. Having created four pieces in his immediately recognizable slanted forehead and snout style, pictured above are 3-inch Dunny pieces titled “Kanan,” “Suru,” “Jubaz,” and “GUS.” Available exclusively through Collect & Display on Friday, July 31st, 2015 for £90 (approx. $140) apiece, these breath-taking pieces from an artist we don’t see nearly enough of are sure to disappear quickly.

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