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Rampage Toys × Ultraman's "Ultrakaiju Series: Red King" & "Pigumon!"

Rampage Toys's officially licensed line of Ultraman monstrosities, called the "Ultrakaiju Series," is about to get bigger and better! As pictured above, the "Red King" — also known as "Skull Monster" and "Armored Monster" — is a destructive ancient monster that was first introduced to the Ultraman audience as it burst into a lab of monster researchers. This 7-inch tall vinyl figure is cast in Japanese vinyl and articulates at the neck, arms, and tail, coming with a 1-inch tall Micro Pigumon omake. And, speaking of "Pigumon," one of the few non-vicious creatures in the Lawless Monster Zone, pictured below is a 6-inch tall Japanese vinyl version of him! Articulated at the neck, arms, and balloon, both of this figure and the "Red King" are being released by Marmit and should ship around the end of July. Available for pre-order next Tuesday (June 9th, 2015), each hand-painted piece from Rampage will cost $45 and be available through Rampage Toys's online shop.

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