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Huck Gee to return to customizing… Launches new line!

As we recently announced, artist Huck Gee will be releasing the 7- to 8-inch tall resin "Blank" DIY figures around Summertime and, according to Gee, "that means I'm doing customs again!" But not just any customs, he'll be "launching in a beautiful new direction. I've been working on this world for months. I have sketchbooks full of drawings. The first teaser was the FNM poster I recently released. The next tease is the cover of Clutter Magazine. There will also be several illustrations in the upcoming SDCC issue of Color Ink Book. This world is fun." And what will be the first custom set to take us into this new world: "Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement #11 & #13," which are illustrated by Gee for the cover of Clutter Magazine #27. It'll be our "first introduction into the beautiful world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels," and the illustrated designs will be released as "12+" tall piloted mobile pillboxes!" We can't wait to see a proper teaser, but — in the meantime — check out the cover closely (available HERE) for hints into the future.

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