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What a Wookie!!!! Scott Kinnebrew's "Chewquilla" custom vinyl figure!!!

Scott Kinnebrew aka 'The Forces of Dorkness' shares with us today a recent commission he completed... and for you Star Wars fans, this is for you! Introducing the "Chewquilla", Scott's take on everyone's favorite Wookie. Created using a Muttpop "Tequilla" figure as the base, Chewie is 100% vegan (fur and leather) with a sculpted face, custom dyed fur, and handmade bowcaster... all of which look great! Oh... and get this, his bandolier/sash was handsewn by Scott as well, and actually works... so he can stash all his space goodies in it, like bantha milk and wookie cookies. According to Scott... this custom has garnished a ton of attention so far, to the point where he might just be making a custom run of these in the near future! For more info and to find out when/ if this happens, you can follow Scott on Instagram HERE for the most up to date info! Grrrwaaaaaarggggh...

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