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Mindzai Presents: "20/20 Boundless Brooklyn" Water Tower Art Show!!!

It's been 8 long years since Mindzai last hosted an art show and they are back at it with a mission in mind. A mission to inspire the city of Toronto. They have gathered 20 artists from Toronto and 20 from New York City/Florida/Montreal to customize these beautiful art based water towers made by Boundless Brooklyn. From Toronto: Anser – Beck – Bruno Smoky – Jacqui Oakley – Jarus – Kizmet32 – Lovebot – Megan Ellen Macdonald – Mediah CBS – Paul Jackson – Peter Chan – Poser ABM – Rcade – Ren – Shalak Attack – Skam – Spud1 – Treetrooper – Vuducatz - Grominator And from NYC/MTL/FL: Atomiko (Miami) – Cake – Chris Dyer (Mtl) – ChrisRWK – Duel RIS – Elle – Free5.nyc – Icy & Sot – Joseph Meloy – Kevin Ledo (Mtl) – Lou Pimentel – Miss Me Art (Mtl) – Nicholai Khan – PlasmaSlug – SeeOne – TurtleCaps – Waxhead (Mtl) – Wen COD – Yuhmi Collective (Miami) – Zero Productivity!! The lineup is HEAVY and there is going to be some amazing pieces on display and up for grabs! The towers will be for sale on our opening night this Friday at Mindzai's downtown store location starting at 6pm - 10pm. After that they will be on display until June 22nd and available online as well. RSVP for this event HERE... it's FREE!

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