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PHOTO RECAP: Skinner's "Seduction of the Innocent" Art Exhibition!

Skinner was flown out to Manila, Philippines to set-up his solo exhibition Seduction Of The Innocent at Vinyl On Vinyl and we're thrilled to reveal pictures of the process and the opening reception itself, which took place on March 25th. The ten "weird comic book panel art" paintings that Skinner created for this exhibit were intended to explore "my love of silver age comics, the aesthetic style of it influenced from different kinds of comics at the time." While Skinner's exploration harkens strongly to the iconic style of Jack 'The King' Kirby, it was "Alan Moore and Grant Morrison interviews [that] really set my mind off into a kind of interest in the psycho mental and spiritual involvement that creativity can invoke," which evolved into the exhibition that is a "critical commentary on some of our collective struggles as well as social/political institutions" while still "laying it out in my favorite art form style, comic books."

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