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Fugi.me x JustRobots - A bunch of bots making their debut at UK ToyCon 2015!

Onorio Depiro and his JustRobots line of figures will be making a splash down at ToyCon 2015 this year, and thanks to the guys over at Fugi.me, there will be a slew of figures to chhose from via their booth! To be exact, there will be 5 new bots including: Chatterbot(£35), Beepbot(£35), Chunkybot(£35), Strongbot(£60), and Cosmo(£60)! There will be 3 of each available at the show, and after that JustRobots will be taking orders. These looks so nice and each one is 3D printed then painted up by Onorio himself... quality!

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