"Uchu Kaijin" & "King Kaiju" resin figures release from Tim Stephson!!!

Up for grabs HERE right now are 2 awesome new releases from artist Tim Stephson... but go now... these will sell out! First up is the uber cool "Uchu Kaijin" resin release! Standing 6" tall, these rotocast resin pieces were sculpted, cast, and hand painted by Tim... and they look fantastic! There will only be 4 of these up for grabs, and they will retail for $100 a pop. Oh, and to sweeten the deal, each piece will come with an original painting.

Also up for grabs will be the release of Tim's "King Kaiju" figure! A tribute piece to the almighty Godzilla, Tim went and sculpted this beast, cast it up, and painted them... and I kid you not, this thing is like 50 pieces! Standing 7" tall, this solid resin figure will be limited to just 5 pieces and each feature GID dorsal plates and magnetic articulation... yeah, this is one bad ass figure, and Tim did an amazing job putting it together! All of these can be found HERE right now!!!

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