Patrick Wong's custom "Killa Instinct" vinyl figure!

Canadian illustrator Patrick Wong presents his latest privately commissioned art toy, entitled "Snow Pilot Killa Instinct". The 10" hand-painted one-off creation was created on the limited vinyl figure designed by Marka27 and produced by Bic Plastics in 2009. We haven't seen this platform for some time now, so it's cool to a custom! The "Snow Pilot Killa Instinct" plays off the urban vinyl / graffiti-inspired graphics of the original figure with the addition of the classically styled b-boy Kangol striped hat. Further emphasizing the graffiti and Hip Hop associations, Wong takes up the Pilot marker and snow camouflage military graphic motifs - the Pilot Brand's stripes being the street bomber's weapon of choice and signifying one of the best, sought-after markers in the graffiti canon. Wong has taken up residency in a new studio art space in 2015 and is currently accepting commissions by private collectors. He can be contacted by email at info@patrick-wong.com.

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