Rampage Toys × Eric Nilla's keshi covered "Rotten-X" lottery!

Using the "Rotten-X" figure as the base, itself a mash-up of the iconic Skull Head Butt (SHB) "Skull-X" body with a Triclops Studio's "Rotten Tomato Ball" (that was sculpted by the uber talented Zectron) for a head, these 9-inch tall soft Japanese vinyl figures have been hand-painted by Jon M. of Rampage Toys with a variety of keshi-sized add-ins! Assembled by Eric Nilla, each Rotten-X sofubi figure also comes with a Gold Critter by The Amazing Zectron & Nilla, a Gold Cheestroyer by Bad Teeth Comics & Nilla, and a Gold Cahriv by Little Rubber Guys. Coming with a header card designed by Zectron and Nilla, there will be a lottery this weekend to win a chance to buy one of these $95 apiece figures. Interested parties should follow Eric Nilla on Instagram for further information.

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