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"It Can't Rain All The Time" custom Mickiv from Davemarkart!!!

What started out as a very basic "Mickiv" vinyl figure designed by Arkiv Vilmansa, custom artist Dave Webb aka Davemarkart went to town on this platform... and what you see above is the end result. Entitled "It can't rain all the time", Dave sculpted layers upon layers of body armor out of super sculpy to transform this figure into a futuristic looking robotic humanoid. Once sculpted, the paint started to fly and from the washed out, muted down colors... almost concrete like, comes a pop of color in the eyes as well as one battle damaged wound leaving a trail of rainbow blood... almost as if this beast of a warrior got in a brawl with a Care Bear and its vicious "Care Bear Stare"! This, by far, is one of Dave's finest customs to date... and I would love for him to explore this style even more!

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