Retroband Kids's, "Creepy Kevin!"... released!!!

As previously announced, and teased, Aaron Moreno's Retroband Kids line is surging forward with a fourth release: "Creepy Kevin!"... and he's up for grabs HERE right now!!! Using a roughly 2-inch tall figurative form inspired by Garbage Pail Kids, the piece itself is derived from the creeping zombies from Night of the Creeps, complete with sculpting crawlies under the character's formal Prom attire. Each piece comes with a Retroband Kids trading card, completely hand made from scratch, and a rad backing card that features art from his frequent collaborator, Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies). Limited to an edition of 50 pieces... go snag one right now! Keep updated by following Moreno's Instagram feed, where further details of future releases will be announced.

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