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New Year's Resolution for Kidrobot #5: Keep Kidrobot Black true to what it is… BLACK!

When you're told something is a Kidrobot Black release, you immediately have expectations for it: a piece that takes Kidrobot proper's cuteness and filters it though a twisted looking glass. Specializing in limited edition artist pieces that are primarily black in color and dark in tone, Kidrobot Black create my personal favorite KR releases. That said, Kidrobot proper should continue to be the realm of the bright & cute (as per Resolution #2), and KR Black should keep being exactly what it is. Releases like GOIN's "Bad Apple" and Nychos's "Lepus Pellis Os Omentum," both from Mighty Jaxx, would've been perfect for KR Black; and while I'm thrilled that Mighty Jaxx have successfully picked up the slack, I hope KR Black picks up the gauntlet and tries to be even better in the future!
This post in no way should be construed as coming from Kidrobot. It is, rather, a hope for the new year that us at SpankyStokes have for the seminal brand.

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