New Year's Resolution for Kidrobot #1: Remember that the artists are your most important asset!

In light of Kidrobot becoming a member of the NECA family and appointing Frank Kozik as creative director, there is a newfound hope that KR will be able to reclaim their former glory. One of the most important elements to this return would be becoming an artist driven company again. We hope this means working with the tried-and-true artists that everyone loves as well as granting breaks for the next generation of up-and-coming designers. Keep working with those that made KR great in the first place — like Huck Gee — but also strive to give the newbie a break… in fact, it would be nice if you made the entire process of an artist submitting designs easier. Have a simple to use, open submission policy for designs. It's time consuming to weed through submissions when you have a process like this, but it can result in many a diamond in the rough being uncovered. At its core, Kidrobot has always been an artist driven company… and now is the time to find the next generation while not forgetting the already great ones.

Regarding the submission process... from the man himself, Frank Kozik, he tells us "All anyone has to do is email me at Frankkozik@sbcglobal.net with images, contact info, and a brief bio." So there you have it... do you have a design that you think KR would like, submit away!

This post in no way should be construed as coming from Kidrobot. It is, rather, a hope for the new year that us at SpankyStokes have for the seminal brand.

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