Galaxxor's "Space God Infiniton" resin figure for Clutter Gallery's 'Inaction Figures 3' group show!!!

"From the crystalline planet at the center of the Galaxxorverse, Alpha Supremis, comes Infiniton, one of the cosmic Seven Space Gods!" Ben Spencer was honored to have the opportunity to participate in Clutter's Inaction Figures 3 group show this year and wanted to come up with something really special to contribute... and seeing as he is a huge Transformers fan, this new figure was the perfect fit! Taking into account that the overall theme for Clutter's Inaction Figures shows is toys form the 70's-90's, Ben jumped at the chance to mash up that iconic head with his very own Galaxxor figure. "Space God Infiniton" is a 5.5" resin art toy which was engineered and produced in resin by those wizards, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen and True Cast Studio. The head is re-purposed from a vintage Ultra Magnus action figure. Infiniton was hand painted by Ben Spencer, sports articulation at the shoulders and comes packaged in a traditional bag and header format. "Space God Infiniton" will be limited to an edition of 3 and is $95 each. He will be exclusively available at the 'Inaction Figures 3' show at the Clutter Gallery which opens on Saturday, February 14th and runs through Friday, March 6th.

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