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Raffle to Benefit the Family of Nerviswr3k!!!

Recently, toy artist and sculptor Nerviswr3k experienced the loss of a family member who left behind a daughter. In order to support the family of a humble and respected artist who has given so much to our community, Tenacious Toys is organizing a raffle. Raffle tickets will be $10 each and exactly $10 will be sent to Nerviswr3k per raffle ticket sold. There are now 25 different raffle prizes donated by a variety of artists and companies: Beefy & Co, Taylor Lymberry, Mike Die, Blazon Brikhaus, Tenacious Toys, Jacob JAMS, Playful Gorilla and of course, Nerviswr3k himself. Prizes include custom toys, resin figures, production vinyl and plush toys, sticker packs, Nerviswr3k products and more. The raffle ends on December 10, with winners picked starting December 11. Winner #1 gets to pick any one of the 25 prizes, winner #2 gets to pick any of the remaining 24 prizes, and so on.
Money will be sent to Nerviswr3k every other day this upcoming week to help support this little girl who just lost her father, and to make sure she has something this holiday season. To encourage ticket sales further, for every raffle ticket purchased, the buyer will get a 5-piece sticker pack including an assortment of stickers by Renone, Abe Lincoln Jr, Sticker Robot & Tenacious Toys. Buyers of multiple raffle tickets will get multiple sticker packs and we will try not to duplicate ANY stickers for such buyers. Benny will hand pick each sticker assortment. No limit to number of raffle tickets each person can buy... and look at waht you can win... some rad prizes!!! So go HERE now, and pony up some cash for a good cause!

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