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Jon-Paul Kaiser's "Squadt 'Military Contractor'" makes Ferg's creation a full-on mercenary!

Created as a privately commissioned piece of art, Jon-Paul Kaiser's pictured custom creation uses the Ferg & Playge released Squadt figure as a base, really embracing the designs military leanings. Titled "Squadt 'Military Contractor'," a term which has come to be associated with soldier for hire organizations such as Blackwater, which is exactly the sort of figure Kaiser depicts here. His mercenary appears to be returning from a desert engagement, his weapons still warm and the tales of his adventures tattooed across his arms. I especially like that the helmet has been altered to look like a skull, which is the sort of action associated with merc units in the movies. Captured perfectly on film by photographer Justin Allfree, Kaiser's custom work continues to impress and take one's breath away… each and every time.

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