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Huck Gee's "Battle Drone Z: Skull Leader" custom Dunny COMING SOON!

Inspired by Robotech's tough & charismatic lead, Roy Fokker (a.k.a. Skull Leader), Huck Gee prepares to unleash his previously revealed "Battle Drone Z" custom Dunny in the "Skull Leader" colorway! Standing roughly 8-inches tall when fully crouched down, these pieces have unique dual leg joints and can swivel at the waist! And the best part is that these resin constructs will be available for a full 24-hour ordering window! Starting on Friday, October 31st, 2014 at 11AM Pacific time, you will have one day to order these instant classics directly from Gee's online shop for a mere $450 apiece! Seriously, this is a crazy deal that no fan can afford to pass up!

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