"Vincenzo", "Sweet Meat", & "Iggy" - Custom from Respect Graphics for VT5!!!

Check out the submissions from Anthony Ferreira aka Respect Graphics for the Vinyl Thoughts 5 show, and Creatures for Kids — which is the same night/same place and benefits children at risk. First up is "Vincenzo" a custom 5" MAD*L that not only features a custom paint job but some sculpted elements as well! According to Anthony Vincenzo "tried infiltrating the renegade animal group known as Bear Knuckle by posing as their leader—Vincent The Red Eye, a whiskey fueled, cigar smoking blue rabbit with one eye. He thinks everything went according to plan, but they noticed the difference in size, skin, tattoos, not to mention that he's human. So they played along, hung out with him, told him crazy things and even gave him a commemorable tattoo, ya know... since he's their leader and all." This piece was created specifically for VT5 and will be up for grabs at the show!
Next is a duo of customs that Anthony created for the 'Creatures for Kids' show... here's "Sweet Meat" and one of the kin, more specifically a Doublemint twin aka "Iggy" — he's a little jacked up 'cause he tried stealing Sweet Meat's ice cream, but caused him to drop it... on him. Sweet Meat is on a Kidrobot Bub and is actually a major character in the Bear Knuckle world. What better place to show off a sweet toothed carnivore than for kids right, I mean... he is pink... hahaha. Nag these customs up for a good cause!

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