REVEALED: DeathCat Toys × Grizlli Atom × DuBoseArt's "Alien Gahm" resin figures for NYCC!

DeathCat Toys's Johan Ulrich has revealed another piece for his part of Monster Island's New York Comic Con Booth #402: the brand new "Alien Gahm" resin figure! Using an original sculpt by Grizlli Atom of Gnosis and cast in resin by DuBoseArt, this adorable little guy will be debuting at NYCC in resin… and who knows what will happen with him after that! As an interesting aside, for those wondering where the creature's name might've come from, "Gahm" is the phonetic spelling of the Japanese suffix 眼 (-gan), which indicates a way of seeing, judging, or understanding… So is this little guy here to observe, pass judgement, or learn from us?

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