Retroband Kids's "Slimy Sean" is a Return of the Living Dead inspired release for MondoCon!

When we first teased the "Slimy Sean" release in Aaron Moreno's Retroband Kids line, we assumed it was a generic zombie figure… oh, how silly we were! Of course it wouldn't be that simple with Moreno behind the wheel! Now revealed in full, including packaging, we can tell that this 2-inch tall resin figure is inspired by the Return of the Living Dead franchise, specifically the zombies that appear as if they were covered in tar from being in the trioxin canisters too long. Yes, it's a Tarman! A mixture of Garbage Pail Kids and horror movie, this piece is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide and come on a 2½"×3½" backing card featuring art by frequent collaborator Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies). Available from the previously announced 2014 MondoCon, you can snag yours at Booth T12. Any left over copies will be sold through the Retroband online shop.

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