Get 25% off all Kidrobot products from Mintyfresh!!!

If you can't bet them, join them... that's the old saying, right?!?! And the folks over at Mintyfresh have that mentality as they are offering up 25% off all of their Kidrobot merchandise! That's right... their stockroom is literally too full and they want to get rid off as much Kidrobot stuff as possible. Simply add any item from the Kidrobot product line, apply the discount code GETRIDROBOT25 on the cart page and then enjoy the luxury of removing 25% off all the items. The code does not apply on pre-orders and is valid until September 18th! Also, soon they'll have some great exclusives with stuff from Jled, Fools Paradise, Huck Gee and Mighty Jaxx.... keep your eyes peeled!

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